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Recolocação Profissional no Vale do Paraíba

Recolocação Profissional no Vale do Paraíba H ora de procurar emprego é enquanto está empregado.... e se já está PHD (por hora dispo...

sexta-feira, 27 de março de 2009


FM Global is one of the world's largest property insurance organization leader in loss prevention service.
It employs more than 200 engineers in nearly 100 countries assisting Global 2000 companies to protect
their large industrial and commercial properties against physical hazards such as fire, explosion,
earthquake, flood, windstorm and boiler and machinery accidents. To better undertand and know our
company please visit our website
We are looking for an Engineer with the following qualifications and competencies:
• Minimum two years of experience in industries and or field engineering;
• Bachelor degree in a primary engineering discipline: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical or Chemical
• English skills (fluent spoken and written)
• An ability to use current technology including software products to analyse and document
engineering recommendations and services
• Self-directed planning and organizing skills; effective communication and interpersonal skills; self-
learning skills; results driven;
• Willingness for overnight travel up to 30%

We offer a dynamic and challenging work environment that is personally and professionaly rewarding.
There are a wide range of growth and career opportunities worldwide. Professional development is an
integral part of our philosophy, thus our employees are engaged in appropriate international and national
training and development programs.

The compesation package includes a competitive base salary plus annual bonus based on
company results, merit increases linked to performance, life and medical insurance and a private
pension plan. Company car, mobile phone, notebook computer and accessories are also provided
as working tools.

If you are interested in this position please send your Resumé in English to:


Valeria Almeida
HR Manager Latin America Unit
Tel.: [55] 11 3167-1005 Fax: [55] 11 3167-2873

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