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Recolocação Profissional no Vale do Paraíba

Recolocação Profissional no Vale do Paraíba H ora de procurar emprego é enquanto está empregado.... e se já está PHD (por hora dispo...

quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2014


• Bachelor degree in Accountancy or Business Administration
• Fluent English is mandatory
• Ability to handle simultaneous activities
• Strong leadership skills
• Experience in multinational companies in Accounting , Finance and Foreign Trade
The role:
• Help Business teams identify potential tax issues;
• Prepare Cash Flow´s and follow up;
• Supervise the Accounts Receivable including the billing process;
• Supervise the Accounts payables activities;
• Supervise the inter company transactions;
• Control the bank accounts and short term investments;
• Managing and maintaining low costs at all times;
• Processes improvements in order work at maximum efficiency
• Policy compliance, interpretation and communication
• Provides assistance for the Sales and Corporate teams .
• To prepare the account reconciliations
• Engage and interact with external tax and legal advisor support
• To keep under control all tax clearance certificates in order to allow the company to participate in Public tender bids.
• To represent the company in front of the Government and other associations (Central Bank, Chamber of Commerce etc.)
* Encaminhar CV com pretensão salarial.
* Residir no Vale do Paraíba.
Interessados enviar curriculo para  - -  com o assunto do email - Administrador

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